Movies, 1980-1995

Dance on the Edge (1995) Producer-director. 85 minutes. 16mm.
With: Greg Artzner, Cat Cayuga, Terry Leonino, Peter Oliver, Itah Sadu, Lib Spry, Wayne Westfall
Experimental nonfiction film on post-modern celebrations. World premiere at the international film festival in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, August 1995.
“…an impassioned record of a necessary search – a search for health and faith and love, which for Mackey himself is also a search for a new kind of cinema.”
— Peter Harcourt, author of Six European Directors
“Dance on the Edge engages the viewer in the creative process, challenges boundaries, and provokes us to think about the time in which we live. It is a hopeful declaration and larger vision of the human capacity for creativity and change.”
— Shelly Romalis, former Director, Graduate Program in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University
.”..a challenging and innovative work that takes Canadian documentary into new areas of subject and form.”
— Peter Steven, author of Brink of Reality: New Canadian Film and Video

Degrassi Junior High. Director of three episodes. 16mm. Television series.
Awards: International Emmy Awards, 1987, 1988; Gemini Award “Best Children’s Series” 1987.
 This children’s series won numerous awards and was sold to over 50 countries.
“Degrassi is a revelation. It is intelligent, funny, well–acted, superbly put together and better than anything comparable we’ve seen from the United States or any other part of the world. [The Great Race directed by Clarke Mackey] deals with sexist attitudes and is resolved in a swimming race between the boys and the girls. There is a wonderfully done sub–plot about one of the characters …buying her first bra. Typical of the series the subject is treated with humour and sensitivity.”
– John Haslett Cuff, Globe and Mail, 1987

Taking Care (1987) Director-executive producer. 86 min. Super 16mm.
Cast: Kate Lynch, Janet Amos, Saul Rubinek, Allan Royal
Drama based on the true story of a nurse who was arrested in Toronto for murdering babies in the hospital.
Awards: Canadian Film and Television Award for Best Feature Production, 1987 1988 Genie nomination for Kate Lynch as “Best Actress”
Festivals: Festival of Festivals, Toronto, 1987, Vancouver Film Festival, 1987, Olympic Film Festival, Calgary, 1988
“Low key, yet intense, Clarke Mackey’s Taking Care is a major surprise. Flawlessly constructed…The strength of character and absurdness of direction are a pleasure to see.”
– David Churchill, Now Magazine, 1987